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Professional Whipped Cream Dispenser Large 500ml/1 Pint Capacity Canister with 3 Various Nozzles, Cleaning Brush

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HOME OR PROFESSIONAL: No more hand cramps from whipping, this whipped cream dispenser does all the work for you — just put a nitrous oxide cartridge (sold separately) into the dispenser, fill with heavy cream, screw the top and you are in business, an ideal whipped cream maker for home or professional use. DURABILITY AND SAFETY: The whipped cream dispenser's all-aluminum body and head are durable and safety to withstand daily use. The matte aluminum finish looks classic and provides a secure grip. PROFESSIONAL-QUALITY CREAM WHIPPER: Made of high quality commercial grade aluminum with stainless steel piston and reinforced aluminum threads for dispensing pretty clouds of whipped cream with different designs onto ice cream, cakes, pies, puddings and more. 3 CULINARY DECORATING NOZZLES: This includes three 3 plastic various nozzles tips: a star, a straight tip and a tulip tip, injector nozzles for injecting whipped cream or mousse into pastries or cupcakes with fancy whipped cream designs. It also includes a cleaning brush for the tips. EASY-CARE DESIGNED: There’s a removable stainless steel piston and a silicone seal with a quick-release tab so you can clean every little space quickly and easily, the aluminum body won’t stain, retain odors, or react with acidic foods, you can leave your lemon mousse mixture chilling in the container in the fridge with no worries about oxidation or off-flavors.

Orangehome Professional Whipped Cream Dispenser 
Pies, cakes, waffles and ice cream aren't complete without a big dollop of whipped cream. 
So, what are you waiting for?
Here are the ideal whipped cream dispensers to bring your desserts a memorable. 
professional-looking presentation, let your homemade desserts look as delicious as they taste. 
No more hand cramps from whipping, this whipped cream dispenser does all the work for you. 

1. The dispenser should be washed by hand. 
2. Before filling the whipper please cool well under cold water or in the refrigerator. 
3. Only use soluble ingredients. Insoluble substances such as seeds pulp, etc. prevent the closure of the delivery valve or might impair the proper functioning of the cream whipper. 
4. When dispensing, always hold the whipper upside down (decorating nozzle pointing downwards), otherwise pressure will escape and some cream will remain inside the whipper. 
5. For best result, serve immediately upon dispensing. 
6. Uses Standard 8-Gram N2O Cartridges (Not Included). 

Product Dimensions: 12.6 x 3.1 x 3.1 inch
Shipping Weight: 1.4 pounds
Package Contents: 1-Pint aluminum dispenser x 1, plastic decorating tips x 3, cleaning brush x 1, charger holder x 1, charger lid x 1

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